[OpenStreetMap] #4876: "add a note": Show popup on hover

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Mon Jun 10 23:07:22 UTC 2013

#4876: "add a note": Show popup on hover
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Resolution:               |   Keywords:  "add a note"

Comment (by TomH):

 There's a couple of problems with this...

 The first is that the interaction of this and the autopanning of the map
 to make space for the popup is quite distracting - every time you go near
 a marker you run the risk of the map suddenly moving so that the popup can

 The second is that, as things stand, leaflet doesn't cope well at all
 because the mouseover fires and I open the popup, which causes the map
 (and marker) to move, which causes the mouseout to fire, which causes the
 popup to disappear again...

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