[OpenStreetMap] #4872: Add "markerlink" to main map view

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#4872: Add "markerlink" to main map view
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Comment (by woodpeck):

 You created a patch which is laudable - better than requesting a feature
 and not doing anything about it. However, it seems from reading the
 discussion that your patch was considered not good enough (as it clutters
 the main page and, while perhaps of use to some newbies, will certainly
 provide additional confusion to others).

 Submitting a patch that is not good enough for the site maintainers to
 apply is not something uncommon; many patches go through several
 iterations before they are accepted, and some are rejected altogether (it
 certainly happened to many of mine!). It may be a bit frustrating,
 especially if making the patch has cost you some time, but on the other
 hand I think that none of us want a main page where every patch that makes
 something better for a certain user group is automatically accepted
 without regard for what this particular patch might make worse.

 I am also not convinced by your statement regarding the user interface
 ("if the marker is wrong the user can simply move the map and click
 markerlink again"); I can immediately see people asking "duh, the marker
 is at the wrong location, what can I do to fix hat".

 You said that you are "the researcher, designer, programmer and user" and
 that you want it that way and not on the export tab. But you are not the
 person making the decision and you have to accept that. Either play the
 game, discuss, improve, and compromise; or if you want things your way,
 then run your own web page where the placing of markers is handled exactly
 like you want it.

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