[openstreetmap-website] Include installation documentation in the repository (#317)

Andy Allan notifications at github.com
Tue Jun 25 09:44:18 UTC 2013

Based on discussions at EWG, it was decided to move the setup documentation into the repository. This PR features:

* Reviewed, tested and reworked installation notes
* Splitting contribution-related materiel into CONTRIBUTING.md
* Post-installation optional configuration steps in a separate (cross-platform) CONFIGURATION.md file
* Removal of some crufty bits of the old wiki docs

It doesn't include:

* Platform-specific installation notes. MacOSX and Fedora are anticipated
* Clarification by renaming the databases (to osm-development etc) - for a future PR, perhaps

If this PR is merged, then I will remove the stale documentation from the wiki and leave pointers to these in-repo documents.
You can merge this Pull Request by running:

  git pull https://github.com/gravitystorm/openstreetmap-website docs

Or you can view, comment on it, or merge it online at:


-- Commit Summary --

  * Start a contributing file based on content from the README
  * Revise the readme.
  * Call it UTC not GMT to reduce timezone confusion.
  * Start the INSTALL.md with a big dump of the wiki information.
  * Start rewriting install notes.
  * Remove vendorer (now in Gemfile) and osmosis (it's optional) from minimum requirements.
  * Start inlining the dependency information. But the stuff on the wiki is almost all wrong.
  * The condensed version of installing the gems.
  * Remove the stuff on populating the database, since this should be taken care of by a rake task.
  * Remove this - 1.3.1 was released in 2008, and would be ensured by following the prerequists anyway.
  * Remove code editing suggestion.
  * Convert and simplify more installation instructions.
  * Rewrite more database setup instructions.
  * Quick reworking of the users section.
  * Fix link.
  * Remove the GPX, high-speed GPX and CGIMap stuff.
  * Quickly fix markdown for the rest of the file.
  * Remove info that's repeated elsewhere.
  * Linkify to other files.
  * Add more external links.
  * Tweak intro.
  * Remove the osmosis dependency, which isn't required for all development activities.
  * Remove the hardcoded postgresql server headers version - it's dealt with later in the file.
  * Nobody does this, so it's not useful installation information.
  * Write notes on production.
  * Tweaks.
  * Ignore the generated docs.
  * Move the development-related miscellanea to CONTRIBUTING.md
  * Add missing dependencies, and wrap for better presentation.
  * Actually create the databases at some point!
  * Alter the example db config to use socket connections - these are enabled by default on Ubuntu.
  * More database-related tweaks.
  * Remove the database creation code, which is covered further up by rake db:create
  * Tests work without manual btree_gist installation, so happy days.
  * Found a package that depends on whichever postgresql-server-dev-X.X is required. Simplifies notes.
  * More copy.
  * Generalise the OAuth instructions now that we need three keys.
  * Neither of these are correct - the warning appears if you haven't restarted the app, and the icons do appear fine.
  * Tweaks.
  * Move configuration to seperate file.
  * Rephrase note about parser errors
  * Add and explain choice based on repository size. Closes #1.

-- File Changes --

    M .gitignore (1)
    A CONFIGURE.md (117)
    A CONTRIBUTING.md (99)
    A INSTALL.md (176)
    M README.md (147)
    M config/example.database.yml (6)

-- Patch Links --


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