[openstreetmap-website] Add right click menu. (#251)

Tom Hughes notifications at github.com
Sun May 5 11:59:40 UTC 2013

Well I don't see any benefit to the first two, and the third is pretty minimal.

The big problem with right click menus is that they prevent access to the normal browser right click menu, which can be a major pain, so I think there needs to be a really good case made before going this way.

The main thing I would use the right click menu for on Google is accessing routing, which obviously isn't an issue for us right now. That said I can certainly see things that it could be useful for, such as a more focused version of the "show data" that would attempt to identify the object(s) near the mouse.

Of the thing you mention I would think that "report an issue" is the only one where a right click menu would offer a significant advantage, probably followed by "center map here".

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