[openstreetmap-website] Make iD default (clean PR) (#262)

Frederik Ramm notifications at github.com
Tue May 7 14:51:13 UTC 2013

I think it would not be well received by the OSM community if we made iD the default on the first day it is even *available* on osm.org. I think there's a large group of people who are interested enough to try it out, but not *so* interested that they would have sought out iD while it was not yet available on osm.org; let's give these people a chance to get familiar with iD (so that, when questions from new users appear, they are not met with "sorry but I'm not familiar with that editor you're using, why don't you switch to [other editor] and then do ..."). 

I think that having a great testing period within the developer community is not sufficient for rolling out iD as the default editor to the unsuspecting masses. 

Let's set a date ~ 2 months in advance and say: We'll make iD the default on that date unless major road blocks appear. That would also be a good incentive for existing power mappers to learn iD at least well enough to be able to answer questions about it - and answer them usefully, rather than "why don't you switch to ...".

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