[OpenStreetMap] #4857: Can't get Jalacte to belong to the right country

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#4857: Can't get Jalacte to belong to the right country
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 A month ago (April 10), I noticed that the Belize/Guatemala border was
 very wrong. Several towns that were unquestionably part of Belize were
 shown to be on the wrong side of the border and in Guatemala instead. I
 fixed the border to be accurate (using the actual physical features that
 define the border), and double-checked it against maps.google.com,
 www.bing.com/maps/, and a CIA map. This put the towns back in the right
 countries (at least in edit view). A month later, the border in the non-
 editing interface is still wrong in all but 3 of the 19 zoom levels. In
 addition, if you search for a town like Jalacte, it still reports that the
 town belongs to Guatemala. Can this problem be fixed?

 P.S. - I have no idea what component this should belong to.

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