[openstreetmap-website] Status of picture/icon methods in lib/gpx.rb (#281)

Andy Allan notifications at github.com
Tue May 14 07:42:20 UTC 2013

The two methods mentioned try calling "Magick::Image" and "Magick::ImageList", which I guess are supposed to be RMagick calls. And I also guess that since rmagick was removed some time ago, these calls aren't actually being used in production, i.e. the standalone gpx-importer is making the images.

So as written, these methods throw errors when called from the console.

gpx = GPX::File.new('')
NameError: uninitialized constant GPX::File::Magick

Should we keep these methods, write some tests for them and fix the rmagick dependency? This way, developers could upload GPX traces for testing, without needing to install the gpx-importer. Or should we remove them, since the code isn't used in production, they don't work, and they don't have any tests?

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