[openstreetmap-website] add SotM Baltics banner ad to rotator (#286)

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Wed May 22 16:25:28 UTC 2013

It feels like the number of banners is starting to get out of hand and we need to come up with a better solutions than adding more and more banners to the rota.

One question is are those banner ads at all effective? I.e. do they result in any more participants?

Looking at the effect of adding the donation drive banner, I am not sure it really achieved its goal in trying to attract more people to donate. And I would guess that the donation drive banner has a much wider appeal than any of the SotM banners.

It probably would be worth while doing some statistics to try and prove the effectiveness of any of these banner ads, but if they aren't effective, we might as well not have any of them (including the main SotM) and try and find more effective measures of promoting these events to a more targeted audience.

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