[openstreetmap-website] Add support for embedding maps with [map][/map] format. (#524)

kiselev-dv notifications at github.com
Tue Nov 5 16:13:48 UTC 2013

In diary posts, comments, and previews sequence [map]some features here[/map] now will be converted into embedded maps. Also add builtin editor (link in markdown help).

See more about mapBB here http://mapbbcode.org/
You can merge this Pull Request by running:

  git pull https://github.com/kiselev-dv/openstreetmap-website mapBB

Or you can view, comment on it, or merge it online at:


-- Commit Summary --

  * Add support for mapBB in diary entryes
  * Merge branch 'master' of github.com:kiselev-dv/openstreetmap-website

-- File Changes --

    M Gemfile (4)
    M Gemfile.lock (7)
    M Vendorfile (13)
    M app/assets/stylesheets/common.css.scss (4)
    M app/controllers/site_controller.rb (4)
    M app/helpers/application_helper.rb (2)
    M app/views/diary_entry/_diary_entry.html.erb (14)
    M app/views/diary_entry/view.html.erb (16)
    M app/views/site/_markdown_help.html.erb (20)
    A app/views/site/mapbbeditor.html.erb (37)
    M config/locales/en.yml (2)
    M config/locales/ru.yml (2)
    M config/routes.rb (2)
    M lib/rich_text.rb (5)
    A vendor/assets/mapbb/Bing.js (124)
    A vendor/assets/mapbb/images/spritesheet-2x.png (0)
    A vendor/assets/mapbb/images/spritesheet.png (0)
    A vendor/assets/mapbb/leaflet.draw.css (234)
    A vendor/assets/mapbb/leaflet.draw.ie.css (49)
    A vendor/assets/mapbb/leaflet.draw.js (10)
    A vendor/assets/mapbb/mapbbcode-config.js (8)
    A vendor/assets/mapbb/mapbbcode.js (24)

-- Patch Links --

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