[openstreetmap-website] Redesign (#498)

John Firebaugh notifications at github.com
Tue Nov 12 23:52:10 UTC 2013

@seav The way history bug is fixed and I added the changeset ID to the list. Can you say more about your pagination use case? I'm unclear on the utility of bookmarking e.g. http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/changesets?page=2 because the content of that page isn't stable. When reviewing changes, don't you always want to start at the most recent and go back until you reach a point you know you've reviewed before?

You also commented about the removal of `?bbox=-1,49,1,51` support for the changeset list, but it looks like you deleted the comment. The nearest equivalent under the redesign is to bookmark e.g. `http://redesign.apis.dev.openstreetmap.org/history#map=16/51.7653/-0.0011` which will show you all the changesets in the visible area. Does that satisfy your use case?

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