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Thu Nov 14 00:02:45 UTC 2013

@jfirebaugh We've had some good discussion on the "talk" mailing list [1]. Lots of positive comments, with the phrases "modern", "cleaner", "great/significant improvement" and "beautiful" all being used.

As it's late here in GMT timezone, I will jump to the ideas for improvement - apologies if my summary misrepresents anyone views.

- text attributs for the top menus. Fonts are very thin and colours very light, almost transparent. This will be a problem when the site is used in bad conditions (outdoor, sun, small devices) or by visual impaired. (Note that this point is picked up by a few of the other commenters and seems to be an important concern).
- The documentation behind "Help" feels like it is too many clicks away (desire to keep it on the home page). On suggestion was to have a drop down menu with links to the wiki/help/etc..
- It was also suggested that "Help" was given higher priority and the export feature lower priority (e.g. by switching there positions). Others pointed out that the ability to export is what makes OSM different and as such "if we want to promote this (i.e. the Export feature), we need a description page with links to the planet file, country excerpts, small exports (from the osm-server) and to larger exports via the overpass API or overpass turbo page.
- the "About" first sentence is very urban-centric : "OSM is built by a community of local mappers that keeps data about roads, cafés, subway stations, and much more up to date every day. ". First, many areas in OSM are just empty. It's even not the question to "keep data up-to-date" like it is in most of the urban cities in OSM but just "create data". Second, I'm happy to see that our first example for maintaining data up-to-date are for roads, cafés and ... subway stations.
- the "community driven" section is talking about "engineers" and HOT team but the average contributor, you know the one who is not an engineer neither a remote armchair mapper in Africa or Asia, is not mentioned even though it is the main part of the community.
- Imho there should be a way to remove the Welcome-textbox, too. (for non-logged in users)
- I agree with others about importance to consult sight-impaired users, removing urban-centred references like subway stations, keeping data up-to-date not being the main agenda, export needing explanation.

Hopefully some good ideas for you, and lots of praise - thank you all :-)


p.s. The messages on the talk mailing list have slowed now but I think it is still worth promoting this a bit more. Perhaps a message on "announce" mailing list and the OSM blog? I'm trying to get comments out of people now so that the changes do not come as a sudden surprise to our community.

[1] https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk/2013-November/068555.html

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