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#5028: "remeber me" does not keep the user logged in
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Comment (by TomH):

 I've looked into this at some length this week and I'm really not able to
 reproduce the problem as described here.

 That is to say that if I login, then restart my browser, my sessions
 survive just fine.

 Note that you will need the _osm_username cookie as well as _osm_session,
 but the _osm_username cookies should have a long expiry and survive
 browser restarts.

 What is true is that if you leave it a few days (regardless of whether you
 restart the browser) then the session is likely to expire anyway, as the
 lifetime is not only covered by the 28 day life of the session cookie, but
 also by the amount of space available for the session store on the server
 - unused sessions will tend to age out of that store.

 Looking at the numbers it seems that as we've grown the typical time
 before an unused session ages out on the server has now fallen to only
 about 2-3 days, so last night I increased the amount of memory available
 in the session store considerably, which should extend that time to
 several weeks.

 I'd be interested in knowing if that seems to have improved things - note
 that any sessions started before last night will have been lost when the
 memory limit was increased.

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