[openstreetmap-website] OAuth authorization page uses wrong text (#541)

Tom Hughes notifications at github.com
Sat Nov 23 15:28:47 UTC 2013

I think I know what is going on now...

So when you submitted the form the first time we authorised the token and sent back a redirect to the callback URL that was supplied, which was `vespucci://oauth/`. That callback was obviously processed by Vespucci because we immediately saw a POST to `/oauth/access_token` to convert the request token to an access token and that request from from an app rather than the browser.

Presumably however the browser continued to display the original page because the redirect URL had been handled by an app. Then when you submitted again the token wasn't valid so you got the failure page.

We should probably differentiate errors from user submitted refusals (at the moment they all get the same page) but other than that I'm not sure what we can do here.

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