[openstreetmap-website] persistent 'too large of an area' message due to cookie settings (#554)

imagico notifications at github.com
Sat Nov 30 12:50:10 UTC 2013

When browsing with the map data overlay and following links to changesets, user changeset lists etc. you get persistent error messages about the area being too large for map data display.  This seems to be due to the data layer display being restored and used from cookie settings even when following links that imply you do not want a data overlay.  To reproduce for example:

* make sure cookies are enabled
* enable the map data overlay
* click on any data element to show its properties (if the element is larger than 0.25 degree you already get the error message here)
* click on the user name to show the user page
* click on the user history (edits)
* unless the users recent changesets are in a very small area you get a 'too large of an area' message now.

This has the potential to be extremely annoying since there is no clear way to turn it off and it is not clear to the user why the message turns up.

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