[OpenStreetMap] #4981: do not remove marker after closing the search pane

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Thu Sep 12 18:26:20 UTC 2013

#4981: do not remove marker after closing the search pane
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Comment (by richlv):

 hmm, that's a shame... previously i very often closed the search pane and
 used the map with the marker still there - very useful, especially on not-
 so-large displays (search pane covers quite some area).

 i find current behaviour quite inconvenient...

 i'm not reopening the ticket, but i'd still love to see the old behaviour
 back - if removing the marker w/o page reload is an issue (has anybody
 really wanted to do that ?), there could be a possibility to click on it,
 which would show search terms/results in a popup and some control to
 remove the marker. or clicking it could reopen search pane, which would
 have another option "remove" in addition to "close"

 for me, just leaving the marker there is fine ;)

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