[OpenStreetMap] #4988: Filling in the form in a note doesn't work properly in ios7

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#4988: Filling in the form in a note doesn't work properly in ios7
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 If you tap in the field to type a response to a note under ios7 (I'm on
 using an ipad and using the ipad version of Chrome, I haven't checked in
 Safari), it brings up the keyboard, but then more often than not it
 immediately drops focus and dismisses the keyboard. I did get it to work
 eventually after many attempts, so there is presumably something timing
 related going on.

 I found a similar problem with an entirely different website under some
 versions of Android, whereby the triggering of the keyboard was not on top
 of the browser, but displaced it, so the window size changed and triggered
 the onresize event, which in turn did something which removed focus. It
 could be something similar is happening in ios7.

 This was not a problem in ios6.

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