[openstreetmap-website] Mild rejig of the browse pages (#487)

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Sun Sep 22 18:45:42 UTC 2013

This pull request is for a mild rejig of the `/browse/` pages to make them a bit more approachable.

* **Last-edited** information is now in the form "Edited [x] ago by [x] - (version [x] in changeset [x])" rather than a tabulation of the attributes
* Tweaked the ordering in the **heading** eg "Relation: Liverpool Street Station (1571755)" becomes "Liverpool Street Station (Relation 1571755)"
* Tried to make the **tags** section a bit more primary, i.e. the first thing a new visitor might alight upon, rather than confusing things such as changesets or XML
* Didn't remove anything!

There's a bit more blurb, and some screenshots, on [my blog page about it](http://mcld.co.uk/blog/blog.php?407).

I've made a couple of changes to language-strings, which would imply translation needed eventually.

I'm aware there might be deeper changes afoot (sidebar changes etc). I presume my changes are superficial enough that they shouldn't have any impact on larger plans others may have...
You can merge this Pull Request by running:

  git pull https://github.com/danstowell/openstreetmap-website browsepage

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-- Commit Summary --

  * browse page: improve css for h4 headings
  * browse page: collect "download xml" & "edit" links w other right-hand action links
  * browse page: collapse "last edited" info rows into a sentence under the heading
  * browse page: float browse-nav to right-hand side
  * browse page: less wordy headers for changeset content panes
  * browse page: express last-edited time as user-friendly "time ago"
  * browse page: undo my mistaken reordering of divs
  * browse page: no top-border-bar for first child needed now
  * browse page: better way of specifying "time ago" (for i18n)
  * browse page: more approachable headings
  * browse page: ensure neat render (no spurious top bar) when no-tags-no-comment
  * browse page: formatting tweaks for small-screen mode

-- File Changes --

    M app/assets/stylesheets/common.css.scss (10)
    M app/assets/stylesheets/large.css (4)
    M app/assets/stylesheets/small.css.scss (3)
    M app/helpers/browse_helper.rb (23)
    M app/views/browse/_changeset_details.html.erb (8)
    M app/views/browse/_common_details.html.erb (42)
    A app/views/browse/_common_editsummary.html.erb (25)
    M app/views/browse/_containing_relation.html.erb (4)
    M app/views/browse/_map.html.erb (35)
    M app/views/browse/_node_details.html.erb (4)
    M app/views/browse/_relation_member.html.erb (4)
    M app/views/browse/_way_details.html.erb (4)
    M app/views/browse/changeset.html.erb (9)
    M app/views/browse/node.html.erb (20)
    M app/views/browse/node_history.html.erb (4)
    M app/views/browse/relation.html.erb (16)
    M app/views/browse/relation_history.html.erb (6)
    M app/views/browse/way.html.erb (16)
    M app/views/browse/way_history.html.erb (6)
    M config/locales/en.yml (33)

-- Patch Links --

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