[openstreetmap-website] Groups sketch (#297)

Tom Hughes notifications at github.com
Tue Sep 24 19:30:05 UTC 2013

A few obvious issues I've noticed, firstly, when you join a group you see:

![screenshot from 2013-09-24 20 25 26](https://f.cloud.github.com/assets/147741/1203131/81f24fec-254f-11e3-800c-ef5d50055b66.png)

Which looks like there is a translation missing.

Then on the main group view we see:

![screenshot from 2013-09-24 20 25 12](https://f.cloud.github.com/assets/147741/1203134/908a9f50-254f-11e3-878c-2a602b94ec98.png)

Which has a strange blank space above the list of members, and the title for the list of diary posts is displaced over to the right instead of being about the diary entry.

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