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#5213: Have I flooded Sussex?
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 I added an area tagged with natural=water earlier to show the outline of
 our local river. I was working in JOSM, everything validated when I
 uploaded and then rendered fine a few minutes later.

 I then added an abandoned farm nearby and now when I look the whole area
 is rendered as if under water!

 I've deleted the natual=water I'd added (and the abandoned farm for good
 measure) but eveywhere is still blue. Only visible when zoomed in to 13 or

 I'll happily add more detail but I can't think what is relevant. I'm not
 even sure it's something I've done but I can't see that anyone else has
 been working on the area and I don't know where to start trying to fix it
 other than what I've already done.

 You can see the area here:

 I was working on the stretch of Glynde Reach that runs from the village of
 Glynde, to the west, until it reaches a dam just to the west of the A27



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