[openstreetmap-website] missing link to main page (#863)

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Tue Dec 30 16:03:17 UTC 2014

Could you please wait for my comment before closing the issue? Thanks.
> The wiki is not the "OSM main page" really,

Indeed it is more than one page and what I call the Main Page is what you call the Main Page https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Main_Page
> and the link still exists, it has just moved the to the "Help" page, reached from the Help link in the top right.

My point is that to get a general and casual user interested in the OSM map he happened to find and browse, he should find the **browsing help** straight away and the rest later.
It is so true that one usually assigns the F1 key to that.
Going through
GPS Traces **no**, User Diaries **no**, Copyright **no**, Help **?**
Welcome to OSM **not welcome**, help.... **is no help**,  wiki.openstreetmap.org **do I need wiki?**
Using OpenStreetMap **Hey! at last?**,  Browse our world map **Hurray!!!**

**IS NOT** straight away.  That's going trough mapper's stuff before reaching browser's stuff.
It should be the opposite as said in my retort text.

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