[openstreetmap-website] Routing (#716)

Richard Fairhurst notifications at github.com
Mon Mar 31 17:40:23 UTC 2014

@jfirebaugh Thanks for that - have now had the chance to have a look!

I like the "to here"/"from here" buttons with the geocoding results; that works well. I also like the idea of single-clicking the map bringing up contextual UI in the LH panel - this might be especially relevant to @tomhughes' work at https://github.com/tomhughes/openstreetmap-website/tree/overpass .

That said, I think we do still need a visible "Get directions" link of some sort, rather than completely hiding it behind geocoding results, to make it obvious to the user that OSM does routing. Google, Bing, Yahoo and Mapquest all have a button or link saying "Get Directions" - well, strictly speaking Bing says "Directio...", but I guess it's truncating the text because my browser window is only 1850px wide or something.

I take @tomhughes' point that the current superscript-ish links aren't the most elegant in the world, but OTOH they're less clutter than a new button would be (and there's a danger that we're reaching Peak Button on the right-hand side).

Changing the colours to grey->black (as in the GPS Traces, User Diaries &c. links) would make them a little more consistent with the rest of the UI, but we'd then have grey-on-grey text. Suggestions welcome. Patches even more welcome!

On balance, I'd suggest we go forward with the current routing UI; look at implementing the "to here"/"from here" buttons as a v1.1 (@apmon's idea of splitting the dropdown into "mode" and "provider" would also be worth discussing at that stage); and consider single-click on the map as a wider enhancement to the osm.org UI in conjunction with the Overpass/Inspector branch.

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