[openstreetmap-website] Hide subscribe and unsubscribe buttons for own changesets (#827)

kerosin notifications at github.com
Thu Nov 6 14:41:55 UTC 2014

I was the one asking on help.osm.org
Yeah @tomhughes You're right it probably was an old changeset that I was viewing. I didn't know you're not automatically subscribing to the "old" changesets (wasn't mentioned in a blog post or somewhere public - except github). So it is pretty confusing to have a subscribe or unsubscribe button on changesets (of course depending on the date). So I guess issue #823 should be fixed.

I'm sure I hit the unsubscribe on the one changeset and received an email notification. Tried to reproduce it but had no luck. I guess there is no log or history to verify the status of subscription that, right?

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