[openstreetmap-website] Add a way to view history that is fully contained in a bounding box (#837)

EwenH notifications at github.com
Mon Nov 17 21:07:43 UTC 2014

This is an excellent request and has been requested multiple times over multiple years. So is there a way to limit changes not including identifying the bbox?

** Proposed alternative **
*On creation of a changeset:* Set the size of changeset in approx square kilometers to estimate the area of the change.

*In the history screen:* Have a group of radio buttons that allow the user to select all changes < 1km, all < 10km, all < 100km and all < 1000km and "all change sets". Set  "all change sets" as default

*In the history screen:* Have an advanced link that allows the user access to a min/max slider to allow a more granular experience.

Scientific - no!, Workable - Yes!

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