[openstreetmap-website] Allow users to subscribe to 'notes' without having to comment on them (#840)

rickmastfan67 notifications at github.com
Thu Nov 20 08:46:55 UTC 2014

With the new changeset feature where you can leave comments (#772), or subscribe to one to see if somebody else leaves a comment, I would love to see the 'subscribe/unsubscribe' feature brought over to the Notes as well.

This would be very helpful if, say, a bridge had to have an emergency closure because a pier settled and somebody else created a note about it before you did.  As of right now, you would then be FORCED to comment on said note just to be subscribed to e-mail notifications.  It would be a lot easier if there was just a button to subscribe to it like changesets have now so you weren't forced to make a comment if you didn't want/need to.

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