[openstreetmap-website] Allow reporting of abusive users to moderators or admins (#841)

Eric G. notifications at github.com
Thu Nov 20 19:48:17 UTC 2014

Right now there is no "direct" way to report user who behave incorrectly, apart from the [Spam wiki page](http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Spam), which isn't easy to manage.

I tried to start implementing this, but having no prior RoR experience slow me down much, so I figured I should describe here what could be implemented :

A simple "Report" link added next to "Add a friend" on the user profile, leading to page where a logged-in user could select a reason from a drop-down list, and maybe add a comment, to report an abusive user.

The Report model would contain these fields : 
* emitter (User who click "report")
* reported (User reported)
* date
* reason (enum of reasons)
* comment (text)

Possible reasons : 
* diary spam
* changeset spam
* diary comments spam
* changeset comment spam
* GPX traces spam
* abusive private messages
* offensive avatar
It can be possible to group spam into one reason to simplify.

The deletion of an user (either emitter or reported) must cascade and delete Reports.

A controller/view must also be added in order to allow admins/moderators to view and act on pending reports, grouping them by reported users.

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