[openstreetmap-website] Under export, copy bounding box to clipboard function (#1103)

Frederik Ramm notifications at github.com
Thu Dec 10 19:15:04 UTC 2015

May I plug http://tools.geofabrik.de/calc here. On the second tab there's a super cool bounding box generator that helps you build a bbox (currently W N E S only but I was always planning to support S E N W and the same with commas too). Among the many undocumented features: You can search for a place using the search form, then select for a second place and shift-click that to extend the bbox to cover both (useful for translating verbal bboxes like "from South Bumfuck in the lower left to North Dryminster in the upper right"). Happy to share the code with OSM if anyone thinks it ought to be on the OSM web site but it's not really OSM specific at all.

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