[openstreetmap-website] OWL Activity Tab (#876)

Hsiao-Ting Yu notifications at github.com
Thu Feb 5 09:28:11 UTC 2015

How about using augmented diffs from Overpass API to generate data? The API seems to work great.; but since augmented diffs from Overpass API will generate the changes on the fly, the increasing server load may be a concern.


* OWL generates and stores tiles as JSON for each changeset, faster to query, but extremely disk usage heavy

* Overpass API generates augmented diffs on the fly for each minutely updates (so it requires to filtered by bbox and filtered out other changesets when used), system load may be a problem

But IMHO using Overpass API is faster and easier to implement since it has already a working API and some great proof of concepts.

Working example for Overpass API:

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