[OpenStreetMap] #5283: permanent markers for the "Internal" results in the search side bar

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Fri Feb 20 19:13:26 UTC 2015

#5283: permanent markers for the "Internal" results in the search side bar
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 A search for 10,50 gives me this results list:

 Currently a red marker only appears if you hover over the "Internal"
 result. It vanishes if you move the mouse away (e.g. because you want to
 change the zoom). Clicking the "internal" result only makes the map centre
 on that location, but no marker is shown there. The user has no chance to
 get a permanent search result highlight (like it is possible for Nominatim
 search results).

 *Suggestion:* Could we please change the link from (current)
 https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=7/10.0/50.0 to
 https://www.openstreetmap.org/?mlat=10&mlon=50#map=7/10.0/50.0 ?

 Apparently the issue is the same for results from Geonames, so please
 change the link there too.

 (inspired by https://help.openstreetmap.org/questions/34081/was-ist-
 gestern-mit-dem-permanenten-roten-marker-passiert )

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