[openstreetmap-website] When adding notes, allow non-registered users to provide e-mail for updates (#776)

brycenesbitt notifications at github.com
Sat Feb 21 06:36:20 UTC 2015

The contact with a note maker is fleeting: they'll enter their note and likely be _gone forever_.
Having a way to engage them again is golden, and can help draw them into a desire spiral
(see http://www.nirandfar.com/hooked ).

I strongly support this.

Lots of notes are written by people who clearly meant well, but did not provide enough data.  They're willing to help, but need some prompting to know what's needed.

What needs updating? _____________________________________________________ (required)
How do you know?________________________________________________________ (required)
Optional: let the mapper who will read you note know a little about you.  There is no need to leave a name:
Optional: leave an email address to be notified______________________________________________(optional, confidential)

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