[openstreetmap-website] Generate tile set for osm.org with English (or Latin-based) place names (#917)

Vladimir notifications at github.com
Fri Feb 27 23:35:31 UTC 2015

English street names and city names is higly demanded feature for people who use maps of territories with non-Latin-based local language. Assuming Latin is world most-known alphabet we must have a straihforward ability to view toponyms directly on osm.org, without redirecting to other services and without suggesting to generate "your own tiles" to user.

I suppose osm site should have a switch "Local <—> Latin" to select approprite tile set.

I suggest the following order for resolving place names with multilingual names:
* English (most preferable)
* Deutch
* Spanish
* French
* ...
* the rest European languages with Latin-based alphabet
* ...
* Local name

This will make toponyms at least recognizable for most users worldwide.

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