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Sat Feb 28 16:15:01 UTC 2015

On 2015-01-12 23:56, Tom Hughes wrote :
> I'm sorry but I've just looked at that wiki page, and in no way is it
> suitable for introducing the general public to use the site - it's
> full of all sorts of hacky low level details.
> Our web site is not intended to be a "google maps" style end user
> mapping site, so I really think this request is out of scope. Our
> target audience is mappers. Certainly our help page coud be improved,
> and I'd be happy to take pull requests to do so, but please don't just
> add links to random wiki pages full of years works of acreted nonsense.

I am extremely disconcerted and completely stunned by this answer.
I'm acquainted with persons writing publications for hundreds of people,
who consequently could advertise OSM widely by referring to places by
writing links to the OSM.org main map <http://www.openstreetmap.org> but
who were unable to do so, less to embed a picture.
I improved the section Adding a Marker
<http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Browsing#Adding_a_Marker>, and some
other parts of that page plus French translation, showed it, and they
were suddenly able to make links. They asked why [the heck] that page is
not highlighted as the help page of that map.
And now you denigrate my work, and that of all who contributed to that page.
You call the successful, very clearly explained and strictly necessary
procedure to make a link "full of all sorts of hacky low level details".
You say that the OSM.org map audience is mappers and not the general
public. (The cycle map to be used between mapping sessions, probably).
And you extend the alleged crappy nature of that page to its links and
maybe all of the OSM wiki, being full of nonsense.
Your remarks belong to the destructive nature of many comments instead
of constructive remarks for improvement in a devoted cooperation spirit.

Obviously, I will not continue to improve OSM documentation before the
help page of the map is made visible to those who use the map and need
it, and before I stop receiving destructive comments and being insulted.

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