[openstreetmap-website] a complete logical highway by name (#866)

jotpe notifications at github.com
Sat Jan 10 03:52:26 UTC 2015

If a highway belongs together or not is always an heuristic, I believe (think about gaps in between). There are no clear worldwide rules. But he Overpass query does the job well.

It is a special use, no doubt. On the other side, showing a *street* is missing now in Openstreetmap, like a normal human would expect it. As website user, I sometimes don't care about a partial way, I want to be able to see the way completely. But it is difficult to detect in a low zoom level what is part of a long street and what is not. My proposal would solve this.

A bit more UI is needed, yes. If a way contains a highway tag, it could offer a link *Show complete highway* to our special parametric site. Nominatim misses such a feature too, see twain47/Nominatim#114. Its target link can be changed easily to this too.

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