[openstreetmap-website] Alexandre Stanislawski (#873)

Alex S notifications at github.com
Thu Jan 15 16:49:48 UTC 2015

Search replacement in the OSM website by one based on Algolia.

Index can be filled with import.rb script in the root folder of the project.
You can merge this Pull Request by running:

  git pull https://github.com/bobylito/openstreetmap-website master

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-- Commit Summary --

  * Add algolia search library
  * Preliminary work on algolia search for cities autocomplete
  * Previsualization of the first result in the input
  * Focus out on escape
  * Refactor into prototype based object to handle state properly
  * Implemementation of Up/Down arrows
  * Reference result list directly in the component
  * Add hover for result selection
  * Return key now goes to the selected location
  * Fix return behaviour
  * Fix nice zoom level for cities (since we don't have a perfect dataset)
  * Add click behavior when a element of the list is clicked on
  * When focus is on and user had already input some text : display the menu again
  * Remove previous OSM search implementation for the sake of demoing
  * Fix menu position + cursor for list elements
  * Marker generated from the results are highlighted when selected
  * Auto zoom bounded by the position of the results
  * Fix menu position (when in smaller windows)
  * Clean up
  * Fix query preview when going through the answers
  * Escape now really cancels the search leaving the field filled with the user input
  * If return is pressed with entry selected, the first one is selected
  * Save user selected result
  * Highlight country in the results
  * Use popups to display city names with country. Make markers clickable to go back to search.
  * Shortcut to search validation
  * Implement geoloc (thanks @redox). Fix return behavior (auto select on
  * Shadow input should output as the items in the menu
  * Add behaviour to the go button : validate the first item in the list
  * Import script to algolia

-- File Changes --

    A World_Cities_Location.csv (10567)
    A app/assets/images/marker-grey.png (0)
    M app/assets/javascripts/index.js (14)
    M app/assets/javascripts/index/search.js (455)
    A app/assets/stylesheets/algolia/search.css (44)
    M app/views/layouts/_head.html.erb (1)
    M app/views/layouts/_search.html.erb (2)
    M db/structure.sql (18)
    A import.rb (23)
    A vendor/assets/algolia/algoliaSearch.js (7)

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