[openstreetmap-website] License for Javascript Code (#879)

jongleur1983 notifications at github.com
Tue Jan 27 17:02:02 UTC 2015

Richard Stallman asked on osm-dev on Jan, 16th, 2015 and on Jan 27th, 2015:

> The license for the Javascript code of web site is incompletely
> specified.  The directory contains a copy of GNU GPL version 2,
> which lists two licensing options for the code.
> * GPL version 2 or later, which is what we recommend
>   as it is compatible with GPL version 3.
> * GPL version 2 only.
> The GPL says that this decision is made and stated with notices in the
> source files, but these source files have no such notices, meaning no
> decision was ever stated.
> Can I ask the developers of those files to make a choice, so that it
> can be listed in the source files and finish specifying how they are
> licensed?

Andy pointed him to this git project (and others already), but I'm not sure if that's forcing an issue creation here.

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