GSoC 2015 - Introduction to Community

Akanksha Srivastava akanksha.dlf at
Thu Mar 5 14:25:04 UTC 2015

Hello, I am Akanksha a 2nd Year Computer Science And Engineering Student
from IIIT Hyderabad India.
I am interested in applying for GSoC 15. I looked through the project ideas
page and found the following ideas suited to my interests and skills.
1)* Web application for sharing 3D-Models to use in OSM-related
3D-Applications *- Requires development of a web application. I am well
versed in Ruby on Rails therefore I would like to develop this application
in that technology. However if a lighter web application is required then I
can develop in any Python based web framework like flask or bottles.
2)*Learning platform for Overpass API:* Documentation and easy to follow
tutorials are required to learn any new piece of technology and it would be
very stimulating for me to learn the Overpass API myself and as then
document my experience as a beginner to make it easier for future users. I
am well versed with Javascript and HTML.
3) *Moderation Queue for <>: *I have prior experience
in Ruby on Rails so I would be very interested in developing a web
extension for the osm website.

I request the mentors to guide me on how to get started to contributing to
the project.
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