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Sat May 9 10:40:35 UTC 2015


i constantly notice that the navigation systems are not accurate and if i enter an address, then it either takes me to far or not far enough down a street until i reach my destination that i entered. i do not know why the navigation system does that but i have learned to live with it or rather more use a work around to get me to the spot i want to go to:

i enter longditude and latitude entries into the navigation system and then it always leads me to the
exact spot i want to go to. this may sound a bit stupid but if you get around a lot then you will no ho frustrating it is to look for a certain house in a street where no houses have any numbers near their door. that is why i personally got used to the feature that google maps used to have they always offered by a right-click option a thing called "what is here?"

if you clicked that then you got the following information:

52°47'24.0"N 5°01'41.7"E

in the old classic google maps you even got the name of the street and the town as additional information. 

however google maps has shut down their classic version and i hate the new updated new google maps version for many reasons, so i am looking for an alternative that still provides similar features to what the old and no longer available classic google maps offered. 

i can see that in the address line (url-line) there is the entry 


from which i can work out the real longditude and latitude, but however this part of the url line is for an undefined part of what i can see on the screen, so i do not know what exactly is that location. that is a feature that i am missing so much.

to give you a better example of what i mean, i would urge you to go onto these two urls to understand and see what i mean:

there just rightclick on land anywhere and you will get something like this:
0575 Oslo, Norway
59,923940 10,788655

once you have those coordinates you can find out that this is 59°55'26.18"N,10°47'19.15"E

same goes for the old classic google maps:

there just rightclick anywhere on the map and you choose the option "what is here?". then activate the green arrow and you get:
38.997737, 1.429338

once again you can now find out what is the degrees: 38°59'51.85"N,1°25'45.61"E

with these degrees you can  now enter the exact location of the house into your navigation system and do not need to worry looking at houses that have no numbers anywhere because you looked before on the maps and found the house where you wanted to go to and just entered the exact longditude and latitude of that specific house.

this is a feature that i would like to suggest to be implemented into openstreetmap.

kind regards

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