[openstreetmap-website] Footway, path, combined description. (#1087)

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Wed Nov 18 12:46:15 UTC 2015

@math1985 I approach this issue from the side of the legend, I read "voetpad" in Dutch, what can I expect.
Basically, for me a "voetpad" (footway) is a way, where only access by foot is allowed. 
Path, is a way, where more land based transportation can go over the way. Mainly single tracked transportation modes (because practical obstacle:width)

This is also like cycleway, bridleway, the mainly access, it is in the name.
If you call a way "voetpad" (footway), and it is a path, then the use by other landbased transportation s are not expressed in the description of the way. I come to the conclusion, that this is wrong.
So we have now a term problem or a render problem!
Solution term change or make two styles (footway and path).

When a way is used: the highest ratio of transportation mode does not make the term description.
The little ratio's transportation must be expressed also.
Therefore the use of the term path is justifiable.

Dividing a way, splitting in single- and double tracked transportation, "path" versus "track unclassified,etc." 
If a path/track/unclassified, is only accessible by foot, bicycle, horse, then it is called footway, cycleway, bridleway. These are subdivsions.

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