[openstreetmap-website] user changeset atom feed lacks a title (#1051)

vincentdephily notifications at github.com
Fri Sep 4 10:17:10 UTC 2015

The output of '/user/$SOME_USER/history/feed' doesn't have a title for the feed itself (the individual articles are fine), resulting in a blank name when adding the feed to (most ? all ?) feed readers :

    $ wget -qO- 'https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/Outdoor Escape/history/feed?bbox=undefined' | grep title
      <title type="html">Changeset 33780784 - Removed /?page_id=73 search from the URL, this search pointed to the homepage already</title>

The feed title should be something like "Changesets of $USERNAME" or even just "$USERNAME".

I'm only filing an issue now but this has bugged me for a while, having to manually set a name for each feed :)

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