[openstreetmap-website] using sprite.svg for high dpi devices (#1055)

Holger Jeromin notifications at github.com
Sun Sep 13 19:04:18 UTC 2015

Oh, yes. You are right with the multiple backgrounds. Thanks for pointing that out.

The linked blog states:
> Note I’m using the shorthand ‘background’ CSS property rather than ‘background-image’ as older IE’s seem to try to read multiple images as one long image when you use the more specific notation. 

I think with this logic we have no standard conform possibility to prevent old browsers from seeing the svg.
Except the hackish way:
`@media (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 1), (min-resolution: 10dpi){`
If a browser is new enough to recognize these new media querys they will render svg background without an error. But again Safari v4 knows min-device-pixel but is buggy with background-position. 

I would have no problem in dropping the twenty safari v4 user for a cosmetic thing. But this sprite contains the main interaction stuff. 
So IMO we have to reserve the SVG to the HiDPI devices.

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