[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Update to iD v2.0.2 (#1396)

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Thu Dec 22 15:28:18 UTC 2016

## 2.0.2
##### Dec 22, 2016
* Bugfixes:
  * Update imageryBlacklists function to use blacklists from OSM API (openstreetmap/iD#3623)
  * Better checks for invalid ids in Select mode (openstreetmap/iD#3640)
  * Unable to toggle oneway=yes on highways (openstreetmap/iD#3638)
  * Hide labels along selected ways or near selected vertices (openstreetmap/iD#3636)
  * Windows/Chrome bug: missing mouseup was getting users stuck and unable to select features (openstreetmap/iD#2151)
  * Fix map moving with middle mouse click (openstreetmap/iD#3612)
* New Features:
  * Pull LTR/RTL list from Transifex instead of hardcoding it (openstreetmap/iD#3489)
  * Refocus map and selectedIDs on undo/redo (openstreetmap/iD#2204)
  * Display labels for vertices (openstreetmap/iD#2709)
* Presets:
  * Add Waterfall Preset (openstreetmap/iD#3608)
  * Adjust matchscores so that barrier doesn't take priority over other features (openstreetmap/iD#3647)
  * Add Public Bath Preset (openstreetmap/iD#3642, thanks @Natsuyasumi)
  * Remove "Covered" field from Bus Stop preset (openstreetmap/iD#3627)
  * Add surveillance and camera related presets (openstreetmap/iD#3599, thanks @bkil)
  * Add amenity=food_court and amenity=crematorium (openstreetmap/iD#3621, thanks @samely)
  * Add maxheight field and add it to many highway presets (openstreetmap/iD#3605)
  * Add fence and wall type fields, add height field to some barriers (openstreetmap/iD#3602)
  * Add presets for Aquarium, Resort, Dance Hall (openstreetmap/iD#3579)
  * Add Internet Access fields to many presets (openstreetmap/iD#3568, thanks @bkil)
  * Add highway=traffic_mirror preset (openstreetmap/iD#3568, thanks @bkil)
  * Improvements to Mast/Tower presets (openstreetmap/iD#3561, thanks @bkil)
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-- Commit Summary --

  * Update to iD v2.0.2

-- File Changes --

    M vendor/assets/iD/iD.js (560)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/ast.json (8)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/ca.json (3)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/cs.json (25)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/da.json (121)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/de.json (161)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/en-GB.json (8)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/en.json (109)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/es.json (149)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/fa.json (127)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/fi.json (48)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/fr.json (154)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/hr.json (28)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/hu.json (142)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/it.json (101)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/ja.json (47)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/kn.json (18)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/lt.json (286)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/ml.json (4)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/nl.json (201)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/no.json (8)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/pl.json (179)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/pt-BR.json (105)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/pt.json (116)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/ru.json (150)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/sl.json (367)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/sv.json (273)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/ta.json (81)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/te.json (57)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/th.json (268)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/uk.json (129)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/vi.json (127)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/zh-CN.json (242)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/zh-HK.json (270)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/zh-TW.json (127)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/mapillary-js/mapillary.js (2032)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/mapillary-js/mapillary.js.map (74)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/mapillary-js/mapillary.min.js (67)

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