[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Reduce maximum changeset size to 10k changes (#1259)

Paul Norman notifications at github.com
Sun Jul 31 23:53:54 UTC 2016


Changesets over 10k cause a problem for uploads, downloads, analysis, and figuring out what was done in them. The API has gotten better at handling large changesets but changesets over a certain size will always be a problem.

Third-party analysis tools also have problems with changesets this large, tending to time out even if they don't need to download the changeset.

Uploads over 10k are prone to timeouts, so anyone creating them will tend to be uploading by chunks, which is not ideal because interrupted connections require manual cleanup of the result.

Best practices have long been to use changesets under 10k, and software like the redaction bot and the TIGER name completion code have picked sizes in the 500-1k range for the maximum changeset size.

A statistical analysis of changeset sizes I did a couple of years ago supports this too. The 99th percentile changeset size is 1.7k and the 99.5th percentile is 3.2k. These values have been decreasing with this year being 1.4k and 2.4k. The proposed limit would only affect 0.09% of changesets this year.

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