[openstreetmap-website] Update to iD v1.9.0 (#1171)

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Tue Mar 1 22:24:38 UTC 2016

## 1.9.0
##### Mar 1, 2016
* Fix rendering of modified/moved multipolygons (openstreetmap/iD#3008)
* Preserve connectivity when pasting (openstreetmap/iD#2584, thanks @jfirebaugh)
* Fix rendering of bumpy surfaces in turn restriction editor (openstreetmap/iD#3004)
* Draw radial menu on top of data layers (openstreetmap/iD#2994)
* Move data layers out of `iD.Background` (openstreetmap/iD#3001)
* Disambiguate art store, art gallery, etc. (openstreetmap/iD#2999, thanks @harry-wood)
* Post office should have opening_hours instead collection_times (openstreetmap/iD#2996, thanks @HolgerJeromin)
* Improved abandoned/disused railway icons (openstreetmap/iD#2967, thanks @kepta)
* Use access=yes instead of access=public for toilets (openstreetmap/iD#2576, thanks @gileri)
* Rename "Track" -> "Unmaintained Track Road" and add terms (openstreetmap/iD#2982, thanks @brianreavis)
* Mapillary improvements
  * Add support for street signs layer (openstreetmap/iD#2720)
  * Show Mapillary thumbnail on opposite side of map from marker (openstreetmap/iD#2775)
  * Fetch all available Mapillary data, but cull based on density (openstreetmap/iD#2794)
  * Display Mapillary data out to zoom level 12 (openstreetmap/iD#2468, openstreetmap/iD#2675)
  * Add ability to remove/disable Mapillary layers (openstreetmap/iD#2722)
* Add expansion arrows to category presets for better usability (openstreetmap/iD#2972, thanks @kepta)
* Refactor services into iD.services namespace
  * :warning: This means that `iD.taginfo` is now `iD.services.taginfo`
* Disallow disconnecting that would damage relations (openstreetmap/iD#1714, thanks @jfirebaugh)
* Allow escape to cancel ⌘-V paste (openstreetmap/iD#2889)
* Enter should accept input and return to browse mode only on preset input fields (openstreetmap/iD#2912, openstreetmap/iD#2957, openstreetmap/iD#2380)
* No need to make FAQ link translatable (openstreetmap/iD#2973)
* Display star for "best" imagery, add link to imagery info (openstreetmap/iD#2902, thanks @kepta)
* Use HTTPS for Nominatim and other services if available (openstreetmap/iD#2960, thanks @kepta)
* Add `shop=storage_rental` preset (openstreetmap/iD#2943, thanks @kepta)
* Add site relation preset (openstreetmap/iD#2930, thanks @kepta)
* Improvements to swimming pool, water park presets (openstreetmap/iD#2927, thanks @kepta)
* Ensure that boundary relation members look like boundaries (thanks, @jfirebaugh)
* Add 'building' combo field for ice rink and swim facility
* Building field should be combo not typeCombo (because `building=yes` is a valid tag)
* Link to wiki for guidance on good changeset comments (openstreetmap/iD#2923, thanks @kepta)
* Make preset fields section collapsable (openstreetmap/iD#2894)
* Make sure DrawLine mode is called with a clean pre-operation graph (openstreetmap/iD#2303, thanks @tyrasd)
* Default to user's language when localizing names (openstreetmap/iD#2882, thanks @kepta)
* Autocomplete changeset comments from previous changeset comments (openstreetmap/iD#2002, thanks @jfirebaugh)
* Add universal multiline text field for description, fixme (openstreetmap/iD#1518)
* Fix crash when selecting a category preset with enter button
* Remove overly agressive regexes for cleaning up websites and emails (openstreetmap/iD#2892, thanks @kepta)
* Correct typo "Platic" -> "Plastic" (openstreetmap/iD#2925, thanks @M1dgard)
* Rename "Unclassified Road" to "Minor Road" (openstreetmap/iD#2916)
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-- Commit Summary --

  * Update to iD v1.9.0

-- File Changes --

    M app/views/site/id.html.erb (2)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD.css.erb (175)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD.js (25505)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/img/iD-sprite.svg (56)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/af.json (29)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/ar.json (112)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/ast.json (46)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/bg-BG.json (26)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/bn.json (29)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/bs.json (40)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/ca.json (106)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/cs.json (101)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/da.json (83)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/de.json (91)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/el.json (48)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/en.json (89)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/eo.json (23)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/es.json (143)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/et.json (44)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/fa.json (51)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/fi.json (178)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/fr.json (319)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/gl.json (43)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/hr.json (126)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/hu.json (105)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/hy.json (10)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/id.json (51)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/is.json (42)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/it.json (238)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/ja.json (283)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/kn.json (35)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/ko.json (50)
    A vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/lij.json (28)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/lt.json (52)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/lv.json (6)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/nl.json (112)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/no.json (285)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/pl.json (410)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/pt-BR.json (74)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/pt.json (0)
    I vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/ru.json (0)
    I vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/si.json (0)
    I vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/sk.json (0)
    I vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/sl.json (0)
    I vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/sq.json (0)
    I vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/sr.json (0)
    I vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/sv.json (0)
    I vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/ta.json (0)
    I vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/tl.json (0)
    I vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/tr.json (0)
    I vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/uk.json (0)
    I vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/vi.json (0)
    I vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/yue.json (0)
    I vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/zh-CN.json (0)
    I vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/zh-HK.json (0)
    I vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/zh-TW.json (0)
    I vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/zh.json (0)
    I vendor/assets/iD/imagery.js (0)
    I vendor/assets/iD/presets.js (0)

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