[openstreetmap-website] Update to iD v1.9.1 (#1172)

Bryan Housel notifications at github.com
Thu Mar 3 22:52:01 UTC 2016

> @@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
>        .imagery(iD.data.imagery)
>        .taginfo(iD.services.taginfo())
>        .embed(true)
> -      .assetPath("/iD/") <%# Cant use asset_path('iD/') in production. %>
> +      .assetPath("iD/")
>        .assetMap(<%= assets("iD").to_json.html_safe %>)

So, funny thing.  I don't think our current code was using the `assetMap` at all.  I watch what iD does in Chrome dev tools and it fetches all the assets from `/iD/` because of that line.  There is a symlink from `/public/iD` -> `/vendor/assets/iD` which seems kind of hacky.

Going forward I _think_ it will use the assetMap, because `1. we precompile everything and 2. resources in the map don't have the leading slash`.

That comment goes way back from before we even supported the assetMap call and has gone through several revisions in what path it refers to.

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