[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Upgrade to iD 1.9.4 (#1214)

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Wed May 4 05:31:52 UTC 2016

## 1.9.4
##### May 3, 2016
* Fix bug causing save button to remain disabled even when changeset comment is entered (openstreetmap/iD#3096)
* Support setting imagery offset via url hash parameter (openstreetmap/iD#3093)
* Don't allow user to straighten a line if start/end nodes are at the same location (openstreetmap/iD#2792)
* Add `fee` and `bin` fields to some presets (openstreetmap/iD#2872)
* Add multiCombo field type selecting multiple items from a list (openstreetmap/iD#3034, openstreetmap/iD#3080, thanks @kepta)
  * Support `payment:` tagging, add to vending machine presets (openstreetmap/iD#2872)
  * Support `currency:` tagging, add to vending machine, money exchange, ATM presets (openstreetmap/iD#2872)
  * Support `fuel:` tagging, add to fuel station presets (openstreetmap/iD#1987)
  * Support `recycling:` tagging, add to recycling presets (openstreetmap/iD#2873)
* Improve tabbing and keyboard navigation in the entity editor
* Exclude `name` tag when validating whether a feature has tags (openstreetmap/iD#3091)
* Add taginfo typeahead behavior to combo fields (openstreetmap/iD#3089)
* Lower popularity thresholds for taginfo lookups
* Support looking up languages by English or local names (openstreetmap/iD#3023, thanks @mapmeld)

* Handle the `offset` url parameter in `_id.html.erb`
You can view, comment on, or merge this pull request online at:


-- Commit Summary --

  * Update to iD v1.9.4
  * Support passing imagery offset parameter to iD

-- File Changes --

    M app/views/site/_id.html.erb (4)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD.css.erb (73)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD.js (506)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/af.json (3)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/ar.json (51)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/ast.json (46)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/ca.json (52)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/cs.json (58)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/da.json (70)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/de.json (70)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/el.json (748)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/en-GB.json (53)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/en.json (66)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/es.json (64)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/fa.json (46)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/fi.json (40)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/fr.json (71)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/gl.json (12)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/hr.json (52)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/hu.json (56)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/hy.json (3)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/id.json (45)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/is.json (12)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/it.json (68)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/ja.json (52)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/kn.json (15)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/ko.json (45)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/lt.json (52)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/nl.json (68)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/no.json (15)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/pl.json (52)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/pt-BR.json (52)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/pt.json (63)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/ru.json (52)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/sk.json (52)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/sl.json (39)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/sr.json (33)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/sv.json (64)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/tr.json (8)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/uk.json (68)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/vi.json (68)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/zh-CN.json (52)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/zh-HK.json (58)
    M vendor/assets/iD/iD/locales/zh-TW.json (64)
    M vendor/assets/iD/imagery.js (2)
    M vendor/assets/iD/presets.js (2)

-- Patch Links --


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