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Mon Nov 7 00:30:42 UTC 2016


On 11/07/2016 12:39 AM, joris wrote:
> I see car directions have been added to the site. Is
> there enough interest in public transport directions, with or without
> air transport, to warrant adding it ?

I'm sure there is huge interest but public transport schedule times are
out of scope for OpenStreetMap (not that this is set in stone but they
are not a good fit for how OSM works, and in most places this would mean
importing someone else's data every half year or so).

This means that the role of OpenStreetMap in your routing would be
reduced to computing walkable (or perhaps also taxi-able?) distances;
everything else would have to come from other sources.

Given that is mainly there for mappers, and maybe
a little bit to showcase what you can do with OSM data, I don't see how
your routing would make sense on that page.

Which of course doesn't mean it is un-interesting, and like many
third-party maps and applications (,,, ...) it would certainly find a user base among OSM
aficionados if you were to run it on a public server. I would guess that
seerious work would be required to collect suitable transport data from
operators around the globe; maybe this could give rise to a project
similar to where third-party data is catalogued and


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