how to modify some configuration settings in the osm web site ?

Jean-Claude Jouffre jean-claude.jouffre at
Tue Nov 29 10:59:13 UTC 2016


I succeed to install the osm web site, according to the INSTALL and 
CONFIGURE files, but I would like to ask some questions to be closer to 
a real osm web site.

1) The ruby server is only listening from so how can we 
configure it to listen from the real IP adress ?

2) How can we configure it to listen from the 80 port instead of the 
3000 one ?

3) Is it possible to configure it to listen to the 443 port to (as for 
the production osm web site ?

4) The web site requires tiles from somewhere else. How can we configure 
it to act itself as a tile server (as described on 
? But, in this case I don't see how ruby will be able to listen on the 
80 port for the web site and apache too for the tile server.

5) My goal is to use the API server, so has something else to be 
installed too ?

6) How to configure the web site to use the test database (osm_test) ? 
May be setting a linux variable RAILS_ENV to test (to be read by 
preinitializer.rb file) ?

7) Why are only 2 databases created by the "bundle exec rake db:create" 
command instead of the 3 described in example.database.yml file ?

8) Last : is there some other documentations ressources (where such 
questions were asked before and answered) ?

Thanks in advance,

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