how to modify some configuration settings in the osm web site ?

Tom Hughes tom at
Tue Nov 29 13:32:15 UTC 2016

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On 29/11/16 13:24, Jean-Claude Jouffre wrote:

> In the configuration page, there are some steps to fill the database
> (geographic data + users), but nothing to switch the map displayed by
> the local web server onto a local tile server (with data coming from the
> local database).
> I imagine something like this :
> tile server: http://localhost:80 -> openstreetmap db
> web server:  http://localhost:3000 -> openstreetmap db (+ map coming
> from http://localhost:80)
> API client:  http://localhost:3000/api -> openstreetmap db
> If it's correct, how can we configure the web server to request the map
> from http://localhost ?

You don't configure the web server to do that, because it's not the web 
server that requests the map tiles. The user's web browser does that.

So you need to patch the source to use a different URL for the tiles as 
it's not something that is directly configurable.


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