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Sat Oct 1 02:59:51 UTC 2016

The key for the Standard layer is very, VERY incomplete, in parts outdated or just plain wrong (e.g. incorrect area color).
The key only shows a few line types and a few very basic area colors.
The areas are rarely correect. Many areas not only consist of a color but also of a “repeating symbol” within that area, for example in forests or quarries.
Lines are mostly correct but a couple of special lines like cliffs or embankments are missing.
Worst of all is that almost no symbols are explained, but the Standard layers has LOTS of them.

I hereby request to improve the key. The key should explain more symbols, and all existing areas/lines currently in the key should be checked for correctness.
Obviously, there are far too many symbols to put them ALL into the window because it would be hard to find anything. But adding the most important symbols would be a good start.
One idea I have in mind for this is that the homepage to only show symbols which are actually currently visible in the window. For example, if you see 10 different symbols, show them in the key while hiding the rest.

I bet implementing this request would take a while, so I have a much simpler suggestion for the meanwhile.

There is a wiki page containing a detailed key (it is not complete):

My simple suggestion is to put a link on the key pointing to aforementioned wiki page. I hope that this will already help users a lot. :-)

However, I can see a problem with this wiki apprach in the long run:
In the past I noticed that a huge amount of symbols has been added, and area styles have been change quite a bit as well. It can be VERY time-consuming to keep the wiki page up to date. But it's still better than just the tiny key on www.openstreetmap.org.

Maybe later this wiki page could also be automatically generated from the style data but that can wait for later. ;-)

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