[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Map Key for OpenCycleMap and other layers (#982)

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Wed Oct 12 15:38:26 UTC 2016

> Please keep your political disputes with @gravitystorm out of this.

Well, it is relevant here because it relates to solving this issue. It would help a lot if the author chooses to cooperate because the author knows much better than we how his style works. If not, then only “reverse-engineering” remains.

> that a key will ever include every obscure symbol as it would have to be about a hundred pages long.

True for Standard, but certainly not for OpenCycleMap, as it only uses a few symbols. It seems that OpenCycleMap is much less complex than Standard, so even a 100% complete key might be rather short.

Besides, what is the point of rendering something if the meaning is not clear to the end user or there is at least no means to look it up? Sure, it might look nice, but becomes essentially useless. Even if the page will become very long, well, so be it. In this case, putting the full key on a seperate page (wiki or static or whatever) might help and only writing the most important things into the sidebar. But I doubt OpenCycleMap needs such an external page.

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