[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Map Key for OpenCycleMap and other layers (#982)

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Wed Oct 12 18:59:16 UTC 2016

> I have been working for years now on developing software that can create legends from mapnik stylesheets. I work on too many styles to create legends manually.

This sounds great. Automatically generating the key is obviously much better than manually creating it. So yeah, this makes sense to me. Does this application already work, i.e. can it be used to actually generate a key? Or is it still in “experimental” stage? In any case, huge thanks for the work on this! :-)

> If you want to help, improving this software would be a good place to start.

So if I contribute to mapnik-legendary, how will this solve this issue when I don't have the stylesheet (which I need to generate the output)? Frankly, I feel I am being used.

I really, really do not understand why you are against publishing your stylesheet. I thought I am in the **Open**StreetMap community. Isn't the point of OSM openness and transparency? I think my “evil audacious demand” ;-) is totally justified and reasonable in this context, especially since OpenCycleMap is on the OSM homepage. It's your choice, of course, but not a very helpful choice. :-/

I now ask you directly: Is your decision to keep the stylesheet secret final? (No, this is NOT an off-topic question. The answer to this question will directly determine how we should proceed in fixing this issue.)

Also: I did NOT say *your maps* are “essentially useless”. I just said that any element (especially symbol) on the map which is not explained properly is more or less useless *to the user* because the user can't understand it and needs to fall back on guessing. Luckily, OpenCycleMap already has a basic key, so this criticism does not apply. OpenCycleMap is a good map layer (in terms of quality) and not useless at all.

This is not a crusade against your or OpenCycleMap, this is about making www.openstreetmap.org better.

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